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Above & Beyond
Home Remodeling

Home remodeling business 

Team: Solo project

Tools: Wix

Timeline: 2020

Brief: Client approached me in need of a fresh new look for their company. Needed a complete end-to-end design of a new on-brand logo and website to showcase their work to future customers. 


  • Design a logo to give a 'face' to the company; one that is modern yet clean enough to print onto uniforms. 

  • Create a professional and clear website to help Client showcase their best work.

Problems & Personas

Until now, my Client did not have an online platform to showcase their work. Any inquiries my Client received, were handled over WhatsApp. This created many inconveniences for both parties.

My Client
  • Constantly busy sending pictures to potential customers of Their previous work,

  • Did not have an online presence and thus relied heavily receiving new customers via word-of-mouth.

Proposed solution

  • Create a space for Client to display their best work,

  • Add call-to-action buttons throughout the site, allowing potential customers to email or call my Client,

  • Use alt tags and optimize the image title for better SEO

Their potential costumers
  • found the back and forth to be annoying,

  • In some cases, would have preferred using a different home renovator, 

  • Overall, it was apparent that customers did not get a sense of professionalism from my Clients business.

Proposed solution

  • Answer any questions they may have on the website,

  • Convince them that my Client is better than the competition, 

  • Focus on pushing the message of professionalism.

Style Guide

Color Pallet






Screenshot 2022-12-25 110603.png
Screenshot 2022-12-25 110715.png
Screenshot 2022-12-25 110746.png

Behind the design

Overall theme: I focused on a design that was clean, modern and clear. My ultimate goal was to allow clients to easily scroll through the website to get a clear image of my Client's design style.

Typography: I used the same colors from the logo I designed. The fonts I chose is clean and without any distraction. 

Color pallet: I stuck with soft, muted colors to ensure my Client's work was at the foreground.

Small details: I made sure to add a watermark to each of my Client's photos to ensure Their pictures can't be claimed by another person.

Buttons: I utilized buttons to add a small splash of color. Here, I made sure to keep pushing the Potential Costumer to contact my Client in any way that was most convenient to them; understanding that some people prefer to call while other prefer to email. 

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