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a bit about me

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Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.


I'm just your average tech-savvy 90's kid with a passion for art and intuitive design. My background includes photography, graphic design and any DIY project imaginable. I'm a quick learner, have a high level of business acumen and a love for using existing software to optimize workflow.

One day it clicked. I would thrive in UX/UI!

I played around with various platforms, convinced enough business owners to trust me with their company's digital image, enrolled in Bezalel University's Academy for Arts and Design...

And finally, I updated my professional resume!

Please take the time to review my resume and explore the projects I've worked on.


UXUI Designer

Created impressive websites that helped businesses appear as professional as they are using my innate understanding of intuitive design

Content writer

Helped boost business sales with compelling and impactful content with my creative writing and analytical thinking skills together with a strong understanding for research.

Business Owner

Managing personal photography business; Built a successful business using my creativity, artistic flair and overall customer-focused skills.

some fun facts

because.... why not?

read me first

I lived in Germany

during my childhood while my father served in the US Military.

this one's not for the faint of heart

I'm double-jointed. So I can rotate my arm 360 degrees!

My small business that has

lots of competitors actually ranks fairly high on Google. In fact, 8/10 clients find me while searching for photographers in Jerusalem. 

saved the best for last

Before discovering my

passion for UX/UI, I pursued a degree in Special Education.

In fact, during high school, I spent every summer working in a camp for special needs children. 

ok, now read me next

don't read me


Spanish was my first language

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